Did You Know? We Can Legally Adopt From All 50 States!

We’re starting a series: “Did You Know?” This’ll be a way for us to fill you in on how we got here, what the adoption process has been like for us, the exciting/scary stuff once we are actually adopting, etc. If you have questions or are curious about specific things/how stuff works, feel free to ask! You can leave questions in the comments or send us questions via private message.


Did You Know? We can legally adopt from all 50 states!

We work with an agency here in the Chicago area and our counselor’s name is Maggie. We picked the agency mainly due to the great feeling we got from Maggie when we first met her, way back in October of 2013. Holy crap, we just realized how long ago that was! Well, back then we were still going through fertility treatments and had just starting educating ourselves about adoption.

We’re hoping for a domestic adoption here in the United States…I mean, that gives us 50 states! Our agency handles adoptions in both Illinois and Indiana and if we find a birth mother in another state, Maggie will help us find an agency close-by to work with the birth mother, sort out that state’s specific adoption laws, etc. Every state has their own laws surrounding adoption. Thanks to those of you who have sent us information on other states and agencies in other states! This has been very helpful!

This answers some questions and raises some more, so we’ll address those in another chapter. But for now….You Know!