Did You Know? The term Transracial Adoption.

When the adopted child is a different race than the parents it’s called a transracial adoption. The whole family, even including the birth mother, forms a transracial family. For example, Sandra Bullock and her son are a transracial family.

Since we are open to a child from any ethnic/racial background there’s a possibility that we’ll end up as a transracial family. This is exciting to us because we believe a family is what you make of it, not what tradition holds dear. Any transracial family will experience challenges of course, and there are many books, videos, and even workshops to teach strategies for dealing with those challenges. We are encouraged as parents to learn about and explore the racial identity of our child. That’s very important. Our child needs to have a connection to who they are, not only as a member of our family, but also to their heritage by birth. Luckily, we have friends from many races, cultures and nationalities that will be a part of our child’s life and can support them, guide them and be there to answer questions. We’ll try to include aspects of our child’s culture in our lives through food, music, film, storytelling, art, etc.

We’re excited for whoever that baby is that ends up joining our family and we don’t care if they look like us a little, a lot or not at all.

And so now…you know.