About Us

We are Rachel and Andrew

Rachel and Andrew in Amsterdam

Our goal is to have a life full of laughter, joy, and a sense of purpose, and to raise our child with the same values. We are here, open, and thankful for an opportunity to get to know you, and for you to know us.

We met because of a chocolate cake! It was at a New Year’s Eve/birthday party for Rachel (NYE is her birthday) and she had made an amazing chocolate layer cake with raspberry filling. When Andrew arrived he went straight to the cake, ate a huge slice, then quickly found its creator. Two nights later our first date felt so comfortable it was like we’d been dating for years. Andrew proposed a year later (on a camping trip in Wisconsin) and a year after that we were married in a lovely little art gallery in Oak Park, Illinois.

From cake to camping and beyond, we’ve been so happy we found each other.

We always wanted children, but we learned that building our family wasn’t going to be easy. Struggling with infertility brought us even closer together. It affirmed that we were open and excited about a child, no matter how they came to us. We happily embraced adoption.


Andrew’s a very down-to-earth and really funny guy. I often laugh until my sides hurt! He’s caring and sensitive, he’s there when I’m happy or sad and I know that I can count on him. He goes out of his way to make sure I have the things I need. He’s always been artistic, and has led a creative life. He’s been a baker in Colorado, a bike messenger in San Francisco, and a web designer in Chicago. After getting a Master’s degree at the Art Institute of Chicago he settled into a teaching career. Currently he runs his own business helping people to be more creative. He is writing a book about creativity and play.



Rachel’s sense of humor is matched only by her intelligence. She’s generous and kind. I love that I can always hear her laughing in a room full of people. Her big laugh is genuine and heartfelt.

She went to college to study music and plays the oboe and the saxophone. She worked at Walt Disney World and The Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She’s been an actor at two comedy theaters: Boom Chicago in Amsterdam and The Second City in Chicago. Still with the Second City, Rachel teaches classes in improvisation. Currently, she performs in a show at SC that is a lot like TV’s “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

Rachel is always working on something creative. Many of our friends have received hand knit gifts. She also makes baby blankets, hats and little socks for friends who are pregnant. She’s excited to knit these things for our little person.


Our dog Lulu joined the family five years ago and she makes every day better. She’s a big friendly black lab who loves to make friends. She’s very gentle with children, and makes a great pillow too!


The arts are a huge part of our lives, from live music to movie marathons. We were raised around the theater and musicals, and we’ve each performed in them! We both read, and are lucky to live very close to a public library. We look forward to passing on this love of reading. We are both artistic and like making custom ornaments and hand-made valentines.
Playing board games and putting jigsaw puzzles together was part of both our childhoods, and still is. We can’t wait to teach our child how important it is to play.

Food and travel is our way to keep friends and family together. Rachel loves to be creative in the kitchen and Andrew makes amazing chocolate chip cookies! We’ve been to almost all 50 states and we’ve traveled outside the country many times. Rachel lived in Amsterdam for over five years. We’re happy to say we have friends all over the world.


We live near Lake Michigan on the north side of Chicago. It’s a diverse friendly neighborhood, full of dogs, kids, and nice people.  Good friends live close by and visit often. Our home is comfortable, filled with art that we’ve made, and pictures of family and our travels. And, a big kitchen! The walls are painted deep warm colors. There’s a big comfy couch perfect for curling up with the dog for movie night.


Rachel’s big brother is married with three sons. Her parents live in St. Louis. They divorced when Rachel was twelve. Her father remarried and her mom’s in a long term relationship. Andrew has two older brothers, (one’s single and one’s married with two children), and a younger, married sister close-by in Chicago. Sadly, both his parents have passed away. We’re both very close to our families. Rachel’s father is a retired minister and he performed our marriage ceremony.


We have a diverse circle of amazing friends. The support we get from them warms our hearts. When Rachel posted on Facebook that we were hoping to adopt, over 500 people liked the post, and almost as many wrote their congratulations!


We hope to build a loving family that is part of a open, diverse community. We look forward to the future and will embrace our child with the most love andsupport any family could have. We’ll help them to find out what makes them happiest and to give them the confidence and skills to make their dreams come true.